Delwood Community School District

strives to meet the individual needs of children in a family atmosphere,

promoting positive and creative learning.

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We Believe that…

  • All students are capable of learning when challenged appropriately.

  • Our school, parents, and community are partners in growth.

  • Adequate facilities are crucial to the Delwood community.

  • Our school must always plan for the future.

  • Staff development must be ongoing to meet the changing needs of students.

  • An education is vital in everyone’s life.

  • We can always improve.

  • All individuals should show respect for others and for themselves.

  • Technology is a vital tool that can improve students learning and foster creativity.

  • All students should be supported in a safe, inclusive, bully-free environment.

Vision Statement

Delwood Community School, in partnership with the community, is dedicated to providing a stimulating learning environment,

which maximizes the potential of all students to be lifelong learners.