YMCA Youth Volleyball Forms
about 1 year ago, Melinda Hackman
YMCA Youth Volleyball 1
YMCA Youth Volleyball 2
YMCA Flag Football Forms
about 1 year ago, Melinda Hackman
YMCA Flag Football
YMCA Flag Football 2
We implemented new playground and 4-Square rules at the beginning of the school year. I was approached by a group of sixth graders who wanted a 4-Square rule changed. They compiled research, wrote a paper and gathered signatures from staff and fellow students who supported the change. They scheduled a meeting with me yesterday to present their data and discuss the issue. I asked them to give me a day to think over their presentation and I met with them again today to let them know that we will be making the rule change. I am proud of these students for taking the initiative and working to make their voices heard.
about 1 year ago, Marty Marshall
First Meeting
Girls looking over the change
Agreeing with the change